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East Africa Projects 

Oyster Mushroom Production


Mushroom Production Units 

Nourish All has sponsored community groups in Uganda to establish oyster mushroom production as a source of food and income, in partnership with local community-based organizations Hodari Foundation, Rwamwanja Rural Foundation, and Eco-Agric.  


Grain Spawn Trainings

Nourish All has conducted intensive, 2-week long trainings on grain spawn production for several local organizations, including establishing an early-stage laboratory. Enabling organizations to have their own source of grain spawn improves quality, sustainability, and cost. 

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Introduction to Mushroom Growing 

Nourish All has trained over 250 people on the easiest, "no-steam" way to grow mushrooms in buckets, including students, refugees, and women in Uganda and Kenya.


Refugee Mushroom Growers Cooperative

Nourish All is a founding partner in a consortium with Hodari Foundation and Rwamwanja Rural Foundation that is building a refugee mushroom cooperative to build food security and income. We were selected as a winner in the World Food Program IGNITE Food System Challenge in 2023. 

Vegetable Gardens and Permaculture Trainings


Kitchen Gardens in Kakuma

Nourish All sponsored a kitchen garden training in Kakuma Refugee Settlement alongside local permaculture educator to train women on how to create sack gardens and equip them with starter kits. 

Permaculture Training in Kenya

Nourish All delivered a 5-day intensive training on permaculture, food forestry, and nutrition to community leaders in western Kenya alongside two local permaculture educators. 

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School Gardens with Kijana 

Nourish All collaborated with the 150-student Kijana Global Innovation School in Butere, western Kenya. We created an integrated design for the campus and contructed and planted three types of gardens: kitchen gardens for school meals, a pollinator educator garden, and fruit-tree outdoor classroom. We partnered with local permaculture educators to teach workshops to students, faculty, and community members. Read more about our journey here.



Tree Planting

Supported by Trees that Feed Foundation, Nourish All is part of a community of practice establishing breadfruit in Kenya and Uganda. We plant trees in refugee settlements, with community organizations, and at schools. 

Nutritious Foods

In Uganda, Nourish All is collaborating with local partners to develop nutritious recipes and foods made from breadfruit, such as fortified porridge and biscuits. Our aim is to create income opportunities and improve nutrition of school meals.  

Value Addition 


Dehydrator Starter Kits 

In partnership with JUA Technologies, Nourish All distributed solar dehydrators for food preservation. We have distributed 15 units across Kenya and Uganda and equipped women's groups with starter kits to dry vegetables and fruits from their kitchen gardens. We also utilize these driers for our mushroom production projects. 

Value Addition Workshops

Nourish All has offered practical trainings on processing and drying tropical fruits as a method to reduce waste and build livelihoods. Our trainings have been for youth in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement, women in Kyaka II Refugee Settlement and Kakuma Refugee Camp, community leaders in Kenya, and students in Kenya. We also offer cooking demonstrations. 

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