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International Projects 

Food Gardens

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Kijana Global Innovation School

Nourish All traveled to Kenya to collaborate with the 150-student Kijana Global Innovation School in Butere, western Kenya. We created an integrated design for the campus and contructed and planted three types of gardens: kitchen gardens for school meals, a pollinator educator garden, and fruit-tree outdoor classroom. We partnered with local permaculture educators to teach workshops to students, faculty, and community members. Read more about our journey here.

Skill-building Workshops


Value-Addition for Livelihoods 

In Uganda, Nourish All collaborated with Rwamwanja Rural Foundation, an organization serving refugees across East Africa, to offer a workshop on food value-addition in the Rwamwanja refugee settlement. Alongside Bemeriki (RRF founder and refugee himself), Samantha led a practical training on processing and drying tropical fruits as a method to build livelihoods, as well as led a cooking demonstration on how to maximize utilization of food and therefore enhance food security. 

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